Epic Data Courier

When I began work at Community Medical Centers, the first skill I learned well was working with Data Courier. If you have worked with PeopleSoft or some other enterprise level software, you may have performed “migrations”.  For PeopleSoft, a developer might produce a “project” to be migrated from a development environment to a test environment for testing and then into production. For Epic, Data Courier is akin to a PeopleSoft “migration”. A website called Health IT Social has a nice layout of typical Epic environments.  In this case, they address a special case you will likely run into if you have upgraded your POC environment, for instance and need to migrate data to your TST and PRD environment which have not yet been updated.  We went through this experience a number of times, and for awhile even had separate TST environments for ICD 9 and ICD 10. [...read more...]

Three and a Half Years Administering Epic

Stuck in Fresno away from the lucrative and challenging IT positions I have been accustomed to, I wanted to return to the Bay Area or another more metropolitan area.  But my parents were aging and needed my help.  My brother had passed away and my sister was in the Los Angeles area, and my daughter was studying Cognitive Science at UCSC.  So Eileen and I felt bound to stay in Fresno. Then a recruiter called.  Recruiters typically call.  However, this recruiter asked if it would be a problem for me to live and work in Fresno.  It was not only Ok, but it was ideal. [...read more...]

Virtualization, Vagrant, and Docker for Development

How would you like to take virtualization to a new level?  To create virtual machines, each perfect for whatever software you are trying to develop?  What if you messed up big time and wished you could just get your computer back to the way it was before you did anything and start over?  What if you could do that in a few seconds or minutes at most? Vagrant can help you do that.  That is, if you want to create whole virtual machines. But what if you wanted to create several light-weight servers that shared an operating system image? [...read more...]

How Specific Should Job Requirements Be?

What comes to mind when you are looking for work and a job specification is a little too specific?  Let me give an overly ridiculous example: Job: Senior Perl Programmer 10+ years of AngularJS with Micky Mouse watch module installed with symbolic links to an NFS mounted drive. 4 years of recent experience managing AWK reports on a Convex C1 system from a Tektronics workstation. 5 years of Coyote Point Load Balancer experience in a paired configuration fronting a rack of seven Compaq web servers running SCO Unix with an Oracle backend on a VAX running VMS with Eunice mounted on brushed aluminum rails. Field experience maintaining Pyramid and Sequent systems from the same consulting company for clients in or near Auburn, California. [...read more...]

My Visions, Dreams, Passion

Long ago in a far away place…Ok… Sixteen or seventeen years ago, a lady came to my workplace and gave a seminar called “Making Your Dreams Come True”.  I walked into the room, got my name tag and my three ring binder and sat down. What did I get myself into?  “Making Your Dreams Come True”.  When do the Cinderella and Rapunzel dolls come out?  Can I sneak out and go back to work?  I’ve read books and gone to seminars on positive thinking, possibility thinking and all that. Well, for some magical reason Forrest Gump comes to life and the dim wits who really believe in this Cinderella stuff are the ones who succeed.  It’s the “smart”, enlightened ones who fail. So, why is this happening?  Are some people just lucky?  Or are some people just too stupid to know when something won’t work ? The Bible says in Proverbs 29 v 18, “Where there is no vision thepeople perish“ [...read more...]

Unix: Forward to the History

Ever watch “Back to the Future”?  Ever live “Forward to the History?” Sick of being imprisoned in a C-panel reseller’s account I longed to return to my long familiar Linux / Unix command prompt.  I got a VPS from Ubiquity.  It was the right thing to do.  I know I was falling off the wagon and who knows where indulging an old addiction might lead?  But, my daughter was proud of me.  In fact, she was the one who recommended it.  My addiction was Linux.  Solaris.  AIX.  HP-UX.  It ran through my blood like heroin through the veins and brain cells of a drug addict. [...read more...]

Services Dying? Keep Them Alive With a Perl Script

Have you ever felt frustrated with your Unix services that keep shutting down in production unexpectedly without notifying you?  Would you like to have a script that might help restart those processes and notify you of the problem? This little helpful Perl script might help.  Or it might help you see what happens when a long time Unix system admin learns enough about perl programming to be dangerous.  Even so, this script works well for me. [...read more...]

Website Development

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, TikiWiki, how do I love thee?   JOY Christmas decorations a Fresno's Christmas Tree Lane Let me count the ways. I never want to criticize or fail to appreciate the contribution many dedicated developers have made to provide for free some of the most excellent CMS and Blogging packages available. These systems have developed in phases and among different sets of developers with newer technologies building upon older ones. [...read more...]