Consulting Requirements

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For your safety and mine, and to make it easy to get started quickly, I have a few requests before starting work.

  1. I would like to identify with you which forms you have for your employees who do the kind of work I will be doing so we are compliant with US laws, the State of California, and your own state.  This may include HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Mandatory Reporter and others.
  2. I would like to know your  Epic teams requirements for change control and authorization of change requests for imports and Data Couriers, updates approvals, or any changes to the environment that must be coordinated with others or approved.
  3. Contact information needed to comply with all the notification and authorization requirements as well as who to contact to fix network or other issues onsite.
  4. My login information for anything I need to access to do what is required of me.
  5. To make sure I can do all that is required of me during a more pressured or time sensitive situation such as a go-live or an upgrade, before that happens, I want to do at least two dry runs assisting with some DataCourier and Import requests on an ordinary day.
  6. During those days, I want to make certain I can get access through the VPN quickly, reach the change requests and build trackers, perhaps communicate to whoever I might need to reach on the technical team or build teams, and accomplish what needs to be done.
  7. Although I have done countless imports and DC requests and am fast and accurate, everyone makes mistakes.  I want to make sure we have a method to resolve those quickly.

How I work

Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro Technique

People have found for types of non-routine work limiting work to smaller bursts of 25 minute bursts separated by 5 minute increases productivity.  They named this technique after a timer designed to look like a tomato, which in Italian is “Pomodoro”.

For this reason, I divided my calendar into half hour blocks of time–25 minutes for focused work, and 5 minutes for getting up and walking around, or writing a brief one or two line comment documenting the last “Pomodoro” of work.

By dividing time into smaller blocks, this gives me a target to shoot for–to have some unit of progress toward a goal to document at the end of that Pomodoro.

This method is more helpful for development and other creative work where a person can otherwise experience a mental block.

This kind of work may entail software development, systems management scripting, setting up Interconnect servers or SOAP proxies, developing a web site, plugging something into a NetScaler, tightening security, expanding an Oracle or SqlServer field in a table or anything where you want a one-off job to be done quickly and excellently.

This helps assure you of the most productive work for the pay.  I don’t feel right charging for downtime.

To make things easier for you, I don’t charge for setting up to do work.  Before beginning any work I would be paid for doing, I want to make sure that you have all the paperwork that you would normally require to be signed to meet legal compliance requirements.  I want to make sure I have the appropriate information regarding company policies, change management policies, and appropriate contact information.

Once that is completed, I want to make sure I have appropriate access to change requests and build trackers.  I would like to know what i will and will not be authorized to do for your company and what authorization is needed by whom for imports and Data Courier migrations of various request types and/or databases to various Epic environments.

With that in hand, I want to make sure I have the appropriate access needed to do the work so when the clock starts, I will be able to begin work without having your company paying for downtime.  That may involve VPN access, Citrix farm/Hyperspace, appropriate Unix accounts, remote access into virtual machines, Windows servers if needed, and an Oracle or SqlServer database for Clarity administration if needed.   And almost certainly, appropriate records in EMP and SER with appropriate permissions for me to perform whatever work is needed–DataCouriers, imports, ETANs, updates, building out new Cache instances and/or Epic environments or setting up automatic nightly copies and coordinating them with a cloning of an environment on a SAN for education, etc.

Price per Pomodero or 1/2 hour segment, $40.