Epic Data Courier Consulting

Routine Data Courier Consulting

  • Get Fast and Accurate Data Courier Migrations and Chronicles import
  • Get help during times of heavy workload.
  • Get help during upgrades and go-lives.

There is no cost for set up.  Before I get started, and especially before getting into a time of intense demand, I want your team and I to have time to make sure we’re ready to go.

  1. For example, all paperwork required by your company for compliance with state and federal laws and with company policy, perhaps including
    1. HIPAA,
    2. Sarbanes-Oxley,
    3. W99 or W2
    4. Mandatory reporting requirements,
  2. Company policies I need to comply with,
  3. Contacts of change request approvers, management, or any systems or security staff I may need to contact if appropriate.
  4. Tested access to anything needed to do the job.  For example, perhaps these:
    1. VPN.
    2. Hyperspace access–EMP and SER records set up and tested and CID mapped for each environment needed–POC, TST, PRD, etc.
    3. Remote login info to Hyperspace and all.
    4. Skype or conference call number.
    5. Unix logins for Epic menus or Chronicles.
    6. An email account on your system so we make sure nothing travels over a non-encrypted channel.

I want to go through two or more successful routine work days before taking on a heavy time critical stint, for example, a go-live or an upgrade.  I want to provide good service during such times rather than slowing down operations trying to get things set up that should have been set up and tested ahead of time.

To make it easier for you, please feel free to contact me with the form below.  I do not give out my phone number or email on the web site due to the large amount of spam there is and also for the sake of security.  But I will be glad to call or email you once I get your message and we can exchange the information, answer questions, or have a meeting via skype to get set up.

Once things are set up, or even before, you can use the calendar below to schedule work with me before someone else grabs those time slots.  But please give time for your team and me to get everything set up and tested and get all the paperwork done that you need.


Thank you, and have an awesome day!

Daniel J. Dick

Send me a message here!

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Please contact me above before scheduling time below.  When I begin work, I want to make sure we are set up and ready to go so you can have that critically important help immediately when you need it.

If your company does not have a PayPal account yet, here is a convenient link to help set up one.

Also, before diving into a heavy upgrade or go-live I would like to go through one or two successful routine runs of Chronicles imports and Data Couriers, and CID mapping.   Thanks!