My Oracle Experience

My Oracle Experience


Pre-Oracle Experience

Prior to working at Oracle, I worked 4 years for Ingres where I was trained in SQL development, Administration, and Performance.  During my stay, I performed countless installations into approximately 80 systems based on about 40 variants of Unix and VMS.  I provided maintenance and troubleshooting on installations damaged while reproducing bugs reported to the support department.  I also served as final sign off and approval for Release Management and trained support staff in installation and QA of installation packages

Later, while supporting Unix systems with Oracle installations, I took training in Oracle Development, Data Modeling, and Database Administration, and I began studies in Computer Science at Stanford University at the graduate level in two areas — Advanced Systems and Databases where I studied Database Theory, Distributed Databases, and Transaction Processing in addition to Software Engineering and Operating Systems.

Oracle Experience

At Oracle, I evaluated several automated network backup systems from Legato, Alexandria, StorageTek, and others for their security and ability to keep up with the generation of Oracle archive logs and their ability to coordinate well with that activity.  I also  developed systems and database monitoring agents for EcoTools.

Later I joined a team of world class database and systems experts to form Oracle’s Enterprise Systems Center for applied research and testing in large enterprise systems scalability, performance, and reliability.  Here, I configured Oracle and the underlying system and performed heavy load tests against multi-million dollar Oracle database servers from Sun, HP, IBM, Sequent, and Pyramid.

After evaluating test suites from Mercury, Pure, and Performance Awareness, I selected preVue from Performance Awareness.  At that time, it was the only product that would facilitate a quick setup of a proxy between the client and server so we could capture OCI traffic, parametrize it, and quickly set it into a large scale simulation of thousands of concurrent users without requiring a setup of a large number of front end systems with client applications.  In this case, we were interested in testing the database — not the front end client software.

Later, at PeopleSoft, as a staff analyst, I assisted customers with issues in Oracle connectivity, SQL performance, and PeopleSoft installation and upgrades.  Although I worked primarily with Oracle, I also worked with SqlServer, DB2, Sybase, and Informix.  Later, PeopleSoft asked me to join a team of eSupport architects to build a system of sophisticated remote diagnostics capable of diagnosing many connectivity and performance problems.

Clickmarks later hired me as their Director of Information Technology.  Here my DBA work was limited as I had hired a DBA to fulfill that role, but I played a small part in supporting production, development and test databases on Solaris and Linux.  At IBM, in 2005, I supported PeopleSoft installations for the United Nations and other large organizations primarily on Oracle with a few on SqlServer.

At US Script, as a Senior Oracle Developer, I architected and developed Medicaid Pharmacy Encounters systems for several of Centene’s health plans primarily in PL/SQL, object oriented Perl with DBI, and PHP.  I also managed several old programs under Oracle Report 6i.

Since September, I have had a little break from Oracle and have been working on websites using MySql instead to keep my SQL fresh in my mind.