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How Specific Should Job Requirements Be?

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Submitted by djdadm on Mon, 06/06/2016 - 00:39

What comes to mind when you are looking for work and a job specification is a little too specific?  Let me be a little ridiculous:

Job: Senior Perl Programmer

10+ years of AngularJS4 years of recent experience managing NFS on a Convex C1 system from a Tektronics workstation.5 years of Coyote Point Load Balancer experience in a paired configuration fronting a rack of seven Compaq web servers running SCO Unix with an Oracle backend on a VAX running VMS with Eunice.Field experience maintaining Pyramid and Sequent systems from the same consulting company for clients in or near Auburn, California.. . .

Would you apply? What are your thoughts? Most likely, the company is either insincere about hiring, or they already have a specific person in mind for the job. Right?


Who would apply?  I expect two kinds of people:  1) those who hope to get in without meeting the specifications and 2) those willing to craft their resume to fit the qualifications.  But few if any reasonable candidates will apply.

But that may be what the employer wants. They may want to have three resumes in hand to reject in favor of the primary candidate.  Or they may be fishing for a stack of resumes to pre-process and develop a better job description for a real job.

For those hunting for jobs, whether recruiters or candidates, I wish you the best in finding the most ideal match!