Daniel J. Dick

This is me. Daniel J. Dick. It isn’t you unless you look exactly like me.

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Daniel J. Dick

So, I owe you something for coming here. Maybe something enjoyable. Or, something worth reading. Perhaps something fun. Maybe enlightening. Educational perhaps.

Or if you are interested in hiring me to get something to work or to put together a creative and technical solution to something of value to you, perhaps you will contact me and we’ll have a great time getting something awesome working for you!.

But why me? Because I have about 40 years of professional IT experience in systems, databases, website management and development, software engineering, and management. And, I have worked with organizations like NASA, Oracle, IBM, PeopleSoft, and in government, medical, and educational environments.

But what have I done for them?

For NASA, I managed systems while developing a project plan to migrate the Information Sciences Division from VMS to a network of Unix based systems.

For Clickmarks, I built and directed their IT Department from scratch and helped build and manage the QA and Support Departments.

For Oracle, I helped build the Enterprise Systems Center which analyzed performance on very large scale systems.

For IBM I managed PeopleSoft systems for large companies.

And for PeopleSoft, I helped develop their automated esupport remote testing system based on Motive and interfaced it with our Vantive system at the time. So, what else?

For US Script, I re-architected Centene’s pharmacy Medicaid encounters systems for their subsidiary health plans for several states with intelligence to track missing or problematic data and to coordinate corrections with the receipt of error reporting files.

I hope to have a chance to work with you, but if you have any questions or can help point you in a good direction for what you want to accomplish, I will be happy to help if I can.

Thank you for coming here!

Daniel J. Dick