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Geek: Intro

Do you have a Geek Biography of your own?  A Geek Diary?

Is it a sleep aide?  A horror story?  A political suspense tale?  A fairly tale?

Is your story comical?  Embarrassing?  Oh, I hope it’s very embarrassing, and if it is, I hope you’ll share it.  But then I’d have to be willing to share, too.  But what if my story is boring?

Pardon my nonsense.  I’m experimenting with math notation, so none of this makes any practical mathematical sense.  I guarantee it.  So don’t try to figure it out or reason what it is.

$$\large\sum_{i=1}^n\vec{F}_{\text{ext, i}}=\sum_{i=1}^n{x^i}$$


Can you relate?  It reminds me of  a song written to make people discuss what the songwriter meant.  No real wisdom or meaning.  A scam.  Click-bait, or talk-bait.  A little self-indulging humor watching people waste time showing off their ability to convince others they have the best guess what the songwriter is talking about.

In this case, I’m just testing out this WordPress plugin module that prints mathematical formulas.  I’m basically scribbling sloppily over my own work.

So, do you find that interesting and worth reading?

Do you know what it is like growing up awkward and geeky? As a youth, I read books.  Novels. Math and science books. Academic psychology and Christian pop-psychology books. I read anything that promised to help me overcome my social awkwardness or disorders. I went for years certain there were social clues seen by everyone but me, yet others were afraid to tell me. When asked, they would say “Go ask your parents or someone else”.

So, I took matters into my own hands and found that other friends did the same thing.  We would all read a book we thought was awesome and we would share it with each other.  Or we would learn a new concept in psychology.

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