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Happiness in Tribulation

The next several years were years I would rather not rehash as it was perhaps the most painful and long enduring pain of my entire life.  In the pain, there were moments of joy, time seeing my daughter shine as a lover of humanity, a natural leader, a teacher or tutor.  I was touched when a little six year old girl told me she wished I was her daddy as she and her two older sisters apparently had some deeply troubling situations at home.  Michelle helped teach her to read and she helped her older sister with English Composition even though Michelle was 2 years her junior.

In 2004, Eileen and I met and in December 2007, we were married.   I was working at U.S. Script, a Pharmacy Benefits Management company as a Senior Developer.  The company was great as were my coworkers, but the pay was substandard–a fact I knew when I took the job.

Surprisingly, I turned down a job for double the salary in San Francisco, and it was not because of the higher cost of living, or because I didn’t want to take the job, but because after I accepted that job and was planning to move, my family had long faces.  I felt i would be in for a fight.

U.S. Script / Centene

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