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Geek: Intro

So, I decided to take on the job but only for six months.  After six months, the job rolled into a permanent position.  Three management positions opened up, and I considered taking one, but the Pharmacy Medicaid Encounters needed a complete redesign from scratch, and I was in the middle of that project.  Not wanting to leave the company high and dry, I decided to continue with the Pharmacy Encounters.

Soon after, I was happy I decided to stay in Fresno as my brother’s health took a sudden dive.  We were told he had only a couple years at most to live, but it turned out to be less than a week.  I sang some Christian songs to him with the guitar on his last night and he gave a thumbs up.  We all stayed in the front room while David was in a hospital bed in the adjoining dining room.  And at about 3:15am, I awoke and noticed his heavy belabored breathing had stopped.  He was gone.

I stayed on at U.S. Script until 2009 when the Encounters were in great shape.  But I still felt another phase was needed to make everything more maintainable and robust.  I felt this would be a good time to negotiate a raise in position.  I was turned down.

Get Offer in Writing Before Resigning

Recruiters were still calling, so I responded to one, and soon I was offered a job in Oakland closer to where my daughter lived.  I accepted and tendered my resignation.  But the Oakland job fell through before it started and i was left unemployed in Fresno away from technology once again.

The crisis hit and several people lost their jobs and their homes.  I was out of work, and the parking lots that were once full in the bay area were then empty.

Then in June 2011 my daughter graduated from high school.  When we were returning from her graduation ceremony, I received a call.  My close friend and prayer partner at church, the husband of our wedding planner had suddenly passed away, and the pastor asked me to give the information to the rest of the church at his house while he cared for the family.

A month later, I was offered employment at Community Medical Centers and my friend’s widow was happy for us and told us that she and her husband had been praying for us and her husband would be happy for us.

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