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Geek: Intro

Building Skills and Caring for my Father

Since that time, I have written and copyrighted a song.  I have to admit I’ve been fighting for my unemployment, but I’ll keep fighting.  I have had time to see the doctor and head off some problems that could have been very serious–the beginnings of diabetes, Graves disease, and all my blood levels are looking excellent now.  I have some problems with arthritis but I have some very good options.

I took time to google up the most lucrative skills in demand and sorted them in order.  I looked at job postings and took note of the skills required or desired by employers.  I noted my own skill gaps in these areas.  I researched those skills.

I found good MOOCs at Coursera, Udemy, and elsewhere and enjoyed studying Machine Learning with Andrew NG from Stanford and Baidu.  I am enjoying Princeton’s course in cryptocurrency.

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