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Geek: Intro

Artificial Intelligence

I already have the math skills to dive straight into these with no problem.  I have been watching Youtube videos put on by many top experts in Machine Learning.  I completed Andrew Ng’s first course with a 100% score and embarked on his 5 course series and on Geoffrey Hinton’s course as well.  I have completed the first three of Andrew Ng’s 5 course series and am working on the Convolution Nets and Recursive Nets as well.  And I am starting to get quite good at Neural Nets, though I still have far to go.  But to be fair, much of this is very new technology.

I went back to my old Quantum Mechanics book.  I felt ashamed having a minor in Physics with as little mastery of Quantum Physics as I have had all these years.  I found an online quantum computer run by IBM and began playing with it to see how it works.  Although I do find it interesting and believe there is hope that we will see great things coming out of this technology eventually, I really came to believe it would be wise to master everything I can about machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning and such first and then add quantum computing as a skill later.

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