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Geek: Intro

DevOps and Other Skills

I studied DevOps and Docker specifically and dockerized my entire web and email setup.  I learned more about security than I knew before. I reviewed my mathematics which I missed for so many years.  I even considered doing a PhD in Math, Physics, and/or Computer Science.

Auto-driving vehicles are starting to mature to where a little more trust can be placed in them than before.  Language translation is getting much better as is voice recognition of course.  Google and others are doing auto-captioning of pictures, though they still produce some funky results sometimes.   But they’re getting better.

Newer techniques are being developed.  Kaggle holds comptetitions.  People are getting into Deep Learning, and Deep Learning has actually been used to beat some chess and go games built more on a Convolution Neural Network.

These technologies are being used to diagnose skin cancer often with better accuracy than a team of doctors.

And what’s cool about all this is that my daughter and her friends are into so much of this technology as well that there will likely be no end to the wide variety of opportunities that will be available to us all.

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