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Geek: Intro


I went away to Portland for my first year of college to study Music and Religion at Warner Pacific College.  I became concerned about the cost and wanted to develop my talents not only in music but in acoustics and the STEM skills related to acoustics, so I was advised to study architecture at Fresno City College.

But they found humor in almost everything.  One day Mahrooz was stumped with a Physics problem in the book.  It said that a car loops the loop going into the loop at a particular speed, and I don’t remember the rest.  But she stopped, looked puzzled, and asked me, “What does it mean ‘loops the loop’?”  I explained it and she burst out laughing, said some things in her home language to her brothers, and then they all started laughing.  I missed out on the joke, but I still could not help but laugh.

Fresno State introduced me to many cultures.  Earlier, I formed friendships with Americans but also with several Iranians.  I studied Physics with an Civil Engineering student named Mahrooz, a Muslim girl with brothers who were atheists and who found it humorous that two people in Engineering could actually believe in God.

By the time I finished my B.A. I had completed a Math major and a Physics minor, competed in Fresno State’s mathematics competition taking first place one year and 2nd place the other, and I worked my way through school as a software developer.

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