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A Challenge to Overcome

This manager, Becci, and her director, Anne made life a nightmare for the entire team.  They put the entire team on a peformance plan to whip us into shape, so I was given a suppoorting star award in the morning and that day my own performance plan.

Everyone wanted to walk out immediately and leave them without support. I understood well.  But rather than running away from a problem, I encouraged them to stay, face the challenge, and take it as an opportunity for victory.  I did not tell them not to leave, but when they leave, not to leave to get away from a problem since that could land you in a worse place, but leave to go toward a better goal and use the current job to get there.

And on the final day of the performance plan where each person would be told whether they satisfied the requirements or not, everyone met the requirements well, and every team member had an offer for his or her ideal job and gave notice.

The director and manager were left without a team.  The director left to work for Gupta and Gupta collapsed.  Computer Associates bought Ingres two or three months later and the entire engineering team took their severance pay and left.

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