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Compared to Oracle, PeopleSoft was a very friendly and laid back workplace, not quite as intense or pressured as Oracle.  Some found Oracle to be a pressure cooker and they quickly burned out and left.  I have a different make-up.  I found Oracle perfect for me–exhilarating.  I hungered not just for more technology to be fed into me like a blasting fire hose, but I wanted to research it and pull in that technology faster than any fire hose could blast it.  And you sort of needed to have that mind-set to enjoy working at Oracle.

After a few years at PeopleSoft, I needed another challenge.  A few of us formed a software architecture team and created an esupport or automated remote diagnostics system based on Motive technology.  We put it through a beta test with real users, then presented it at a PeopleSoft show in New Orleans, and a lady and I worked on putting together a curriculum for training the Global Support Center (GSC) and we both provided training.  Then when Motive learned that our team had extended their software into an interesting direction, they said they wanted to implement this into their core product, so PeopleSoft management decided to shut down our project until Motive had completed what they were doing.  So, our team was disbanded and we went back to our regular work.

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