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Clickmarks – Breaking into Management

At PeopleSoft, our special project was discontinued.  A management position became open, but someone else was selected.  So when an Internet Startup, Clickmarks,  recruited me to be their Director of IT and Operations and Chief Systems Architect, I gladly accepted and moved over.

The stay at Clickmarks was perhaps the best job of many excellent jobs.  I had an awesome CEO, great coworkers, and an awesome opportunity to help build up a great, successful startup that would be loved by Vodafone–one of the world’s largest cellular phone companies if not the largest.


Just when things were going well, I tried to get some data off my computer at home and accidentally saw a conversation my wife was having with another man apparently about an affair.  She confessed and I forgave, and I thought it was over.  But she became involved with someone else.

I could not focus on my work, so I started to resign, but my CEO and good friend to this day Umair, advised me to stay, take a temporary leave, fix things up at home and return.  But when I returned, I did not feel I could concentrate well enough to perform at a level I felt the company needed, so I resigned.  In retrospect, from what I learned about my replacement, it probably would have been better for the company and myself had I stayed.  Clickmarks was indeed a wonderful place with great coworkers.  

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