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Geek: Intro

Do you have a Geek Biography of your own?  A Geek Diary?

Is it a sleep aide?  A horror story?  A political suspense tale?  A fairly tale?

Is your story comical?  Embarrassing?  Oh, I hope it’s very embarrassing, and if it is, I hope you’ll share it.  But then I’d have to be willing to share, too.  But what if my story is boring?

Pardon my nonsense.  I’m experimenting with math notation, so none of this makes any practical mathematical sense.  I guarantee it.  So don’t try to figure it out or reason what it is.

$$\large\sum_{i=1}^n\vec{F}_{\text{ext, i}}=\sum_{i=1}^n{x^i}$$


Can you relate?  It reminds me of  a song written to make people discuss what the songwriter meant.  No real wisdom or meaning.  A scam.  Click-bait, or talk-bait.  A little self-indulging humor watching people waste time showing off their ability to convince others they have the best guess what the songwriter is talking about.

In this case, I’m just testing out this WordPress plugin module that prints mathematical formulas.  I’m basically scribbling sloppily over my own work.

So, do you find that interesting and worth reading?

Do you know what it is like growing up awkward and geeky? As a youth, I read books.  Novels. Math and science books. Academic psychology and Christian pop-psychology books. I read anything that promised to help me overcome my social awkwardness or disorders. I went for years certain there were social clues seen by everyone but me, yet others were afraid to tell me. When asked, they would say “Go ask your parents or someone else”.

So, I took matters into my own hands and found that other friends did the same thing.  We would all read a book we thought was awesome and we would share it with each other.  Or we would learn a new concept in psychology.

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University – Campus Blessing Revival

A Campus Blessing Revival is needed, whether it is to be a mainstream campus club under the control or authority of those in charge of the university or whether it is to be an underground club to protect against being unduly controlled and prevented from doing what is right in the eyes of God.

If the club is to promote faithfulness to God, it cannot promote homosexual behavior, adultery, or sin in any form.  It cannot be led by sinners since no sinner can lead a person to be faithful to God any more than a cheating preacher can lead others to be faithful to their spouses or God.

But, revival is necessary, and university/college influence is critically important in making a difference in this world.

October 2013 – Thanks to God and Loved Ones 0

October 2013 – Thanks to God and Loved Ones

A year and a month ago, my wife gave birth to our baby boy, David.  Eileen suggested naming him after my little brother who passed away in 2008 to Congestive Heart Failure at 39.

I’m in the office now, and cannot spend time writing, but I needed to jot down something quickly just to push me to start writing again when I’m off work.  There is so much to be thankful for.  My parents are still with us and are still a great blessing.  My work is sustaining us, and I work for a great hospital with great friends for coworkers.  So, it would seem life is about as good as it can get.  Yet, I feel hungry to make a greater contribution to the world I live in.

Michelle's Graduation

My Visions, Dreams, Passion

Long ago in a far away place…Ok…

Sixteen or seventeen years ago, a lady came to my workplace and gave a seminar called “Making Your Dreams Come True”.  I walked into the room, got my name tag and my three ring binder and sat down.

What did I get myself into?  “Making Your Dreams Come True”.  When do the Cinderella and Rapunzel dolls come out?  Can I sneak out and go back to work?  I’ve read books and gone to seminars on positive thinking, possibility thinking and all that.

Well, for some magical reason Forrest Gump comes to life and the dim wits who really believe in this Cinderella stuff are the ones who succeed.  It’s the “smart”, enlightened ones who fail.

So, why is this happening?  Are some people just lucky?  Or are some people just too stupid to know when something won’t work ?

The Bible says in Proverbs 29 v 18, “Where there is no vision thepeople perish

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Unix: Forward to the History

Ever watch “Back to the Future”?  Ever live “Forward to the History?”

Sick of being imprisoned in a C-panel reseller’s account I longed to return to my long familiar Linux / Unix command prompt.  I got a VPS from Ubiquity.  It was the right thing to do.  I know I was falling off the wagon and who knows where indulging an old addiction might lead?  But, my daughter was proud of me.  In fact, she was the one who recommended it.  My addiction was Linux.  Solaris.  AIX.  HP-UX.  It ran through my blood like heroin through the veins and brain cells of a drug addict.


Why Savy Managers Hire Dan

Photo of Dan Dick

Why Savy Managers Hire Dan

Smart managers hire employees

  • to add or protect income and stockholder value of the company,
  • to build morale, and unity,
  • to increase competency, efficiency, effectiveness
  • to get a specific job done
  • to help the company succeed

If you have an employee that has a track record of making or saving millions of dollars for previous employers, it isn’t wise or responsible to leave millions of dollars on the table without a good reason.

At this time, there are millions of dollars that your company does not currently have simply because you have not hired Dan yet.  Isn’t it about time?