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Data Courier 0

Epic Data Courier

What is Data Courier?  If you worked with Epic or some other enterprise level software, most likely you did not do all your modifications or configurations or customizations in production.  Right?

In fact, you may have

  • a Proof of Concept environment,
  • a Development Environment, and
  • a Production Environment along with
  • mirrors or shadows for Disaster Recovery or
  • ETL for Reporting and possibly systems set up for
  • Training or Internal Education.
My Oracle Experience

My Oracle Experience

Pre-Oracle Experience

Prior to working at Oracle, I worked 4 years for Ingres where I was trained in SQL development, Administration, and Performance.  During my stay, I performed countless installations into approximately 80 systems based on about 40 variants of Unix and VMS.  I provided maintenance and troubleshooting on installations damaged while reproducing bugs reported to the support department.  I also served as final sign off and approval for Release Management and trained support staff in installation and QA of installation packages