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Daniel J. Dick
  • Data Wrangling – getting data ready?
  • Artificial Intelligence–machine learning, matlab, jupyter, python
  • Android development.
  • Epic EHR– Data Courier, Chronicles, Cache, Clarity, Interconnect.
  • Linux / Unix Administration
  • SQL – Oracle, MySQL, design, modeling, performance
  • Drupal and WordPress installation, performance, security, SEO.
  • Detangling–turn-around, recovery, special challenges.
  • DevOps, Docker, Docker-Compose.
  • Nginx and Apache web administration.

Reduce Risk of Failure

It costs nothing to contact me.  Why?  I consider that first meeting to be mutually beneficial whether it turns into a long term working relationship, or whether I help you find someone who is better suited for your specific needs.

Thank you, and have an awesome day!

Daniel J. Dick

Send me a message here!

Daniel J. Dick – danieljdick @ gmail.com or (5 5 9) 9 0 3 – 4 6 9 4
Please leave a message if you call as the large number of spamming calls make it necessary for me to screen my calls.  But I will be happy to call back and add you to my contact list.


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