What Is Github?
@ danieljdick | Thursday, Apr 8, 2021 | 2 minutes read | Update at Thursday, Apr 8, 2021

Did you ever scream your lungs out in pain after mangling your work?

  • Did you back up your manglings?
  • Did you back up your manglings over your last good version of your program?
  • Or did you role something into production and find the error later and need to know what change blew things up?

You’re not alone.

Version Control to the Rescue!

What’s version control? It’s a better way of backing up your changes to a file or several files. And GIT is perhaps the most well-known and well-liked version control systems. If you’re a software developer, you should become very, very comfortable using it.

These are my favorite two videos for understanding GIT and GITHUB. The first one is by “Programming with Mosh”.

A company named edureka! has produced a video on YouTube which I have included an internal link to.

Closing Comments

As time goes on, I hope to fill in this website with more of my own original work, but it takes time to build that up. Since there is already excellent material out there, I am happy to help you and the producers of this material by helping people find the best material I can find already in existence. I hope you will enjoy it and benefit from it.

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